Welcome to the Freefall RC Podcast

What better way to start your flying weekend than an RC podcast all about everything that flies!

Podcast Episode Index

Episode 0 - The Birth!
Episode 1: Getting to know us!
Episode 2: FAA Regulations, Seriously?!?
Episode 3: New Year Resolutions, Let's fly a heli.
Episode 4: Cold Weather Flying
Episode 5: FliteTest
Episode 6 - Designer Series: Kevin Matusik
Episode 7: Winter Building and Sim'in
Episode 8: Build it BIGGER!
Episode 9: Heli Rulez, Heliz Rule!!!

Episode 10:Flying Online!

Episode 11: The Wonders of Electricity!

Episode 12: RC Events and Future Plans

Episode 13: Let's talk Scale Helis!

Episode 14: It's just a multirotor! 

Episode 15: Wonders of Electricity Redux!

Episode 16: Love the Smell of Nitro in the Morning Part 1 - Airplanes!

Episode 17: Love the Smell of Nitro in the Morning Part 2 - Helis! With Guest Kyle Stacy

Episode 18:Planes of the FliteTest!

Episode 19: Crashes, Close calls and Saves!

Episode 20: RC DO's and DON'Ts

Episode 21: Rebuiding Helis!

Episode 22: Sponsorship!

Episode 23: Building with Foam!

Episode 24: RC Myths!

Episode 25: Buying a Used Heli!

Episode 26: Buying a Used Airplane!

Episode 27: Selling Used RC Stuff!

Episode 28: Freefall RC HeliFest is Coming!

Episode 29: We're all here!

Episode 30: FreeFall RC HeliFest Recap!

Episode 31: Road to FliteFest 2016!!

Episode 32: FliteFest 2016 Recap!

Episode 33: Designer Series Part 2: NerdNic

Episode 34: Commercial Aerial Photography

Episode 35: Podcasting!

Episode 36: RC Emergency Kit!

Episode 37: Northeast Model Helicopter Jamboree

Episode 38: Fred Provost!

Episode 39: Northeast Model Helicopter Jamboree Recap!

Episode 40: FFRC/FTCC Crossover

Episode 41: RC Video production and Photography with Bill Anthony

Episode 42: Geena Tucker

Episode 43: The AirBears with Scott Zimmerman

Episode 44: Chris Diamanti

Episode 45: so yeah, ahhh ok...

Episode 46: Chad Kapper

Episode 47: Going Big!

Episode 48: Dan K Reed

Episode 49: What's everyone been up to?

Episode 50: Future of the hobby!

Episode 51: History of RC!

Episode 52: ONE YEAR LATER!

Episode 53: New Toys!

Episode 54: Holiday Spectacular!

Episode 55: Happy New Year!

Episode 56: Frank Moradiellos

Episode 57: Talking shop with Fred!

Episode 58: New Friends, Old Friends!

Episode 59: Governors with Nick Lenn!

Episode 60: James Kaddis

Episode 61: Atoms RCers Swap Meet!

Episode 62: Keeping You In Charge with Joe Cashwell

Episode 63: Nitro and Collective Pitch Tuning with Rob McClellan!

Episode 64: Synergy Helicopters with Matt and Amy Botos

Episode 65: Short and Sweet!

Episode 66: Listen to the Voices!

Episode 67: RC Heli Hangout

Episode 68: Customize Part 1

Episode 69: Customize Part 2

Episode 70: Spring is Here!

Episode 71: Pretty much didn't plan shit!

Episode 72: F3N with Greg Jackson!

Episode 73: Start your engines with Jamey Paulsen

Episode 74: FunFlys and Help Help HEEEEEELLLPPP!

Episode 75: Spring Fling with Robert Montee, Todd Bennet and Kasey Campbell!

Episode 76: Hanging with the Hooligans!

Episode 77: Just Hangin!

Episode 78: 2nd Annual FFRC HeliFest 2107!!!

Episode 79: Legendary Bert Kammerer

Episode 80: Part 107 with Ken Weeks

Episode 81: Helis Over Delaware!

Episode 82: Align Helicopters with Gale!

Episode 83: Fireball-z

Episode 84: FliteFest East 2017 Recap!

Episode 85: Back to School with Todd Bennett

Episode 86: Catching up with Chris Reibert!

Episode 87: TFRs and More!

Episode 88: HeliFreak with Will James and Bert!

Episode 89: LYNX Helicopters!

Episode 90: Season Finale!

Episode 91: 15 Annual Northeast Model Helicopter Jamboree!

Episode 92: Kevin and planks!

Episode 93: Joshua Orchard!

Episode 94: Scorpion Power Systems!

Episode 95: Alex of MSH Helicopters!

Episode 96: Listener Series Vol. 1 - Javier Moreno

Episode 97: Helis and Hodges!?!

Episode 98: Listener Series Vol. 2 - Michael 'Shaggy' Parker!

Episode 99: Listener Series Vol. 3 -Staff Sergeant David Jones!

Episode 100: OMG! We've hit 100 episodes episode!

Episode 101: Listener Series Vol. 4 - Ethan Ater!

Episode 102: Listener Series Vol. 5 - Phil "Old Man 3D" Goodwin!