Welcome to the Freefall RC Podcast

What is Freefall RC Podcast?

Hello from all of us at the Freefall RC Podcast. Thanks for joining us!

We're a bunch of guys who love RC flight and wanted to share our thoughts and experiences with everyone in the hobby. We would like to thank all our listeners and a special Thanks to Fred Provost for setting us up with a spot on the Flite Test forums and the guys at RC Heli Hangout for a spot of their forum.  We fly pretty much anything and everything we can get our hands on, from Fixed wing, Helicopters, Multi-rotors, FPV 250 quads, FPV AP multirotors and soon to start FPV fixed wings.

Combined we have been in the hobby for over  45 years and have been having so much fun in this hobby. Steve and Kevin met a few years ago through the FT forums and have been great friends flying pretty much every weekend since. Chris is our guest host, website builder and heli guy so if you have any rotory questions he is your guy. Building, Flying, Testing, Crashing, Educating and having FUN in the true passion of ours.

Come listen to our podcast available on itunes for iOS folks and podbean for android and web. We release an episode every Friday, subscribe and stay tuned for some laughs, crashes, reviews, and all things related to RC flight.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages as well as our Flite Test forum section. Feel free to send us a message or questions anytime. Also if you have any ideas or anything you would like to hear on the podcast let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you!


- The Freefall RC Podcast Crew